TAKE 12 April Collaboration - BELONG.

The TAKE 12 Project is a twelve month journey, we do this together . . . we were never created to "do alone". It is a commitment to ourselves and our readers to grow, to be truthful, to be transparent, to always know who we are and stay grounded, to journey with LOVE and to trust that we will be transformed.

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Today I decided to write to you, even though I had spoken to you only moments ago . . .

I thought it would be quite something to put pen to paper, taking my time to choose the colour of the ink and the texture of the paper . . . why did I decide to write it instead of speaking to you about it, becauce I thought it would be quite another thing for you to be able to read my thoughts, just incase you might forget.

While I was talking to you I went to the hills, I took my time to walk there, meandering through overgrown streets and dirt paths, a new distraction around every tree, and then I finally happened upon a place. A secret place where I felt free to write what had occupied my mind during my walk. When I sat down I decided to draw a sketch, fortunately it tells less lies than my words, yet it requires some explanation to give it a sense of belonging . . . and you see, ths is exactly my thought. What belongs to what . . . does the ink belong to the paper with every word I write, or does the paper belong to the ink . . . They told me that every line I draw has a meaning, but does the meaning belong to the line on the paper or to my hand and the intention of drawing that line . . .


I`ve been thinking about this for some time. I`ve been thinking about what it means and why I can`t think of any way to make sense of it. Indeed to belong to something, it means you are the property of that something or someone. I don`t see how the paper belongs to the ink now that I`ve written  these words or in fact that the ink belongs to the paper. For me, neither one is now the property of the other. Rather I see a partnership, a closeness and perhaps even a kinship between the paper and the ink, or have I misconstrued things?

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The way I see it, is that you can only belong to something or someone when you choose to do so, of course I understand that life is not all bubbles and rainbows and that some people "belong" to others because of slavery and criminal activities ect. That is not a choice.

There are songs written and books puplished with individuals proclaiming they belong to another, others state with overt confidence that you cannot belong to another, and others search for a place or community to belong . . .

Is it then human need "to belong", to be owned in order to not feel alone or weak . . . furthermore is it then an emotion or feeling or a need to satisfy a void . . . Personally this seems more than a need of belonging, to be part of something bigger than just you alone. Can the need for belonging be a feeling based on your emotional state of mind, a longing for a community that makes you feel safe and appreciated? I think so, I think what I`m trying to say is that I think "to belong" and "belonging" are different things we have come to see as one, like the ink on paper is only seen as the letter.

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I think those who want to belong are actually searching for a sense of belonging, and that when I say my life belongs to Him, for me it means I try to live my life in accordance to His will and He has set before me my life path which I choose to follow.

Of course this is my attempt at making sense of this question and I will probably ask it a million times more in a million different ways, but at least now I have this thought on paper . . . maybe now I won`t  forget.

In any event I will speak to you soon, perhaps when you join me on my walk back to the city . . .

My regards . . .

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Written by Celeste

GIOCA Candidate, University of Bologna

Master of Arts Managaement Candidate







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