Oh! Where to begin?

Let`s begin here :

Whatever we as mere human beings (all part of a greater plan) do on our own will never have the same effect as when we do it with another human or in a community.

There is something so profoundly attractive in the word "we"  . . .  We were never created to "do alone".

I have known an amazing young woman for a couple of years who currently resides on the other side of the planet doing her Masters of Art Management at the University of Bologna. We just "get" each other, yes cliche but nontheless true.

 After Celeste came home from Italy for a short visit she returned to do her final year early in January. Meanwhile back at home I started with my planning of the first TAKE 12 shoot for the first month of 2015.

Mostly to grow in myself and to commit to a project for a whole year to establish the real genre of photography that speaks to my soul . . .  thinking of only "me" and how to somehow make a difference with someone somewhere on this journey.

I did a shoot of my eldest, showing real and raw and honest (no stylists, no make-up artists and only my husband and youngest for support). 

 I am not a good "writer" and rather tend towards the visual, borrowing quoates or lyrics from other artists, hoping that readers will "get"   what I try to portray in the images. Then I get this facebook message from Celeste : " What about a collab?" Well, the rest is history. I am so looking forward to this journey with her.

A bit more about TAKE 12

Twelve portraits - real and honest and with a message.

After communicating via email and social media we decided to just "dig in" . . . yeah and really dig deep. We both have this vision of making a difference in the way media "showcases" woman and specially the aspiration it creates with younger girls. The aim is to find ordinary girls and portray them as "worthy". January is all about "selfworth".

Celeste will do the writing Oh ! She is so good at that :) and create graphics or sketches to collaborate with the portrait images. *The feature image of this post is her sketches*. 

 The TAKE 12 post for January was already published when we decided to work together.She dug into her archives, knowing she did a essay on the topic . . .  now this is where "purpose" comes to the party. Yay ! She wrote this piece in January 2014, exactly one year prior to my post. Wow, God moves mountains, really, believe it :)

TAKE 12 JANUARY repost to follow soon :)

Let`s see where this takes us  . . .





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