TAKE 12 January Collaboration - SELF WORTH .

The TAKE 12 Project is a twelve month journey, we do this together . . . we were never created to "do alone". It is a commitment to ourselves and our readers to grow, to be truthfull, to be transparent, to always know who we are and stay grounded, to journey with LOVE and to trust that we will be transformed. 

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I love creation, and I love how we all play our part in it.


" You broke into the silence, and sang a song of hope

A melody resounding, in the deep of my soul

You have come running, you tore down every wall

All the while shouting . . . `My love you`re worth it all`


Kim Walker-Smith, Skyler Smith and Christa Black @ 2014 Jesus Culture music.




What do you want to be when you grow up?



What do you want to be when you grow up?

Looking back I would answer, "Do I have to grow up ... "

Never the less, you dream about all the things you could become, all the interesting people you know and admire and want to be, the possibilities are endless and that thought is simply magical.

You think about becoming a teacher because it is the most testing job perhaps, a flight attendant so you can travel the world, a doctor to help other people, a scientist because you love to discover the unknown . . . the list is endless. This list is not very creative or full of imagination as you may note, because we are taught from a young age that . . . well that life happens and that we need to think about a job that will allow us to sustain a quality lifestyle in order to be happy.



Of course when we are five years old, all we want to pursue is fun, explore, go on adventures and be creative as we learn the ropes of life. We colour outside the lines, we draw on the walls, we build blanket forts, simply because there is no limits to our imagination. We are sure in our ability to succeed!

We grow a little older and a little less creative, less adventurous, less spontanious because now we have responsibilities, we are confronted with rejection and becoming conformists for society to avoid any form of rejection. Somewhere around this time, wanting to be accepted, wanting to be liked, we start a new search for something we can`t quite pinpoint or explain, we just know there is a void of some sort.

This is a search of a lifetime, the search for `worth`, some people don`t struggle with it as much, others struggle but find it at some point and others never find it. It`s a personal journey, no one can tell you how or where to find it, it`s all up to you. Yes this is not comforting at all to read, you would prefer an answer of some sort.

The truth is that you can`t find the quality of worth anywhere in the world, if you seek `worth` in the world you`ll soon find that you are walking the highway of life, superficial and although overpopulated, very empty. The real pursuit of worth is to comprehend that it is a deserving quality. Knowing that you deserve to `be`, in any way you feel you want to exist. We aren`t taught as a child, partly because it is a lifelong search for most . . .

So where do you go seek `worth` ... to understand it a little better maybe ... To nature, the ability of a flower to be nothing but that specific unapologetic flower, to the sunsets, the waves dancing to the mood of the moon ... to knowing and exalting in the fact that you `are` because of our God and that it is a great place of understanding to be. Look at your five year old self and find that worth you didn`t know you had back then.

So what do you want to be when you grow up?

Worthy, a humility in knowing I deserve to `be`

Written by Celeste

GIOCA Candidate,University of Bologna

Master of Arts Management Candidate









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