TAKE 12 August Collaboration - ESTEEMED.

The TAKE 12 Project is a twelve month journey, we do this together, we were never created to " do alone ". It is a commitment to ourselves and our readers to grow, to be truthful, to be transparent, to always know who we are and stay grounded, to journey with LOVE and to trust that we will be transformed.

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why I esteem thee so

why for thy art just in being . . .

" tis exactly why . . .thy being

thy being of an individual mind

thy being of a pondered resolve

thy being of a kind heart

why I esteem thee so

why it relies not on the capricious

" tis no consequence of man


Written by Celeste

GIOCA Candidate, University of Bologna

Master of Arts Management Candidate



All rights reserved by DH Photography.

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