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The TAKE 12 Project is a twelve month journey, we do this together, we were never created to "do alone". It is a commitment to ourselves and our readers to grow, to be truthful, to be transparent, to always know who we are and stay grounded, to journey with LOVE and to trust that we will be transformed.

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What does the road look like which you walk on? Ask someone to describe it to you . . . Try it, take on the challenge, ask them to describe what the road looks like to them when they walk, let them take you on a genuine journey. What do you need to experience when you walk with them, what do you need to look out for, what should you notice, where should you pause to observe, where should you "just be", how will you know how to get to where they are going when you walk alone. Take the time . . . they don`t need to worry about how long it will take, you`ll be there, present and in the moment, you want to see what they see, they are worthy of this time.


It`s been 30 days now, you`ve walked the same road with different people who are as diverse as the colours black and white are from each other . . .

Some people showed you how to walk the road thinking you might have a strong sense of direction, they took out a map and handed it to you only indicating the final destination.

Someone else told you about the nuances of the streets, always presenting you with particular elements such as a crack in a tile or the Julliete balcony where a woman with the age and hair colour of the element mercury, pours her partner, dressed in an indigo summer bathrobe with patterned trousers the colour of the setting sun, their first cup of tea, while they delight in the faint aroma of the jasmine, caressed by the early morning sun. Another person was focused on the particulars of name dropping, indicating the way only by means of following the "correct" street names. Yet another explained that they only use landmarks, turn right at this sign, " I can`t remember what it says, but I know it`s a white board with purple writing on it "

Others walk in distance ,"Just walk down this road for 100m and then turn left, walk straight until you reach a T-junction where you turn right . . . "

Some of the more adventorous types, showed you the way by means of the sun altitude at that particular time of the day, they even went as far as to give you coordinates. The use of ones senses also comes into play, with someone knowing their way through the streets by means of using their olfaction . . .

Now that you`ve walked the same road for 30 days, you could argue that it was a "new" road every day . . . Your attention was drawn to new things every time, wheteher it be the sun patterns, reading maps and street names, to looking at people, abstract landmarks or your nose to guide you through the streets.


What do you come to understand . . . Did it challenge your thoughts, did it unveil the many different ways in which people walk a righteous path. Did you come to understand that black and white are not colours, and that the whole spectrum of grey inbetween are also non colours, but they add dimension to the picture, in other words there isn`t just a right or a left, but diagonals and roundabouts in life. If you didn`t find your way after you walked with someone, who was to blame . . . are they to blame for how they find their way or are you to blame for because you did`nt quite understand their method or their context? Did you see the positive or negative spaces on the map, did you see the red or the green birds in the tresselated art, and if you did`nt see the one or the other, does it mean it`s wrong or does`nt exist . . .


In this way we can look at living a blameless life, the word says that one should walk in righteousness, be upright and genuine, go about one`s life with good ethical reasoning. With that being said, we should always try and understand the context of other people`s lives, because context is part and parcel of someone`s ethical reasoning and for them that may be as righteous as one could get. We should think about if we are in a position to define a blameless life, we might all walk the same road but we all look at different indicators and are influenced by different elements.


Written by Celeste

GIOCA Candidate, University of Bologna

Master of Arts Management Candidate




All rights reserved by DH Photography.

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