TAKE 12 December Collaboration - CELEBRATED.

The TAKE 12 Project is a twelve month journey, we do this together, we were never created to "do alone". It is a commitment to ourselves and our readers to grow, to be truthful, to be transparent, to always know who we are and stay grounded, to journey with LOVE and to trust that we will be transformed.

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travelling on a silk thread

At life`s inception, one can imagine a silk thread let loose in the wind to find it`s way and to settle on stable matter in the vast unknown. This single silk thread then hangs suspended in mid air somewhere between our linear conception of time . . . the "no longer" of the past, the "not yet" of the future and the "in between" of the present.

This single silk thread betoken a web or a bridge in life -

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Life on a silk thread web is secure, fixed and reinforced with stabalizing frame threads, radius threads and auxiliary spirals, it exudes comfort, a sense of safety, you are faced with "known unknowns", there is a absence of fear only concealed by comfort, you have your daily rituals, routine habits, you can show up in absence, you have events throughout the year which constitutes being celebrated | birthdays | anniversaries | the birth of a new life | Easter | Christmas | year end functions . . . you know your boundaries. Here you wait, you are comfortable, you are reactive to the happenings around you, and you only concider or spare a thought if it impacts your web, while ...

Life on a silk thread bridge never stays fixed.

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There is no comfort zone, you have an acute awareness of your surroundings, your finiteness heightens your senses, you are constantly faced with "unknown unknowns" and your brain is stretched to think of immediate solutions, you have to show up and be mindful, you are driven by curiosity and the terror of your finitude. You create connecting bridges and venture further and further, experiencing more, every semblance of a comfort in life is celebrated wholeheartedly because of the confronting nature of life on a silk thread bridge, the unknown. the unfamiliar, the continuity of stimulation and challenge.

Beauty is beautiful in it`s utter simplicity in contrast with with the crutch of distractions, love is experienced tenfold in contrast to desensitised disregard, appreciation comes from simply observing in contrast to the act of being "busy". Your cup runs over before you have time to desire, you are proactive, instead of waiting for life/ something to happen, you go seek.

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Our lives are a culmination of choices, we sometimes build bridges and sometimes we don`t even realise we are building webs. Being mindful, being present, proactive, living a zelous life will foster a sensitivity within you, to live with a heigtened sense of awareness. The relationship between the young and the old holds a vital key in living a celebrated life . . . the elderly have lived their lives, they can take in a life full of webs and bridges, they can see the signs in the labour put into each construction, so they advise, they give guidance they teach the young. The young are clean canvasses, everything that happens, happens for the first time and is a new experience; they celebrate EVERYTHING every time it happens. They develop their skills in navigating their silk threads and the wisdom and guidance of the elder come in to assist them on their journey. We can see the elders impact wisdom accumulated over their lifetime into the youth, and the youth make the elders aware of the joys and wonders of life, making the elders experience and celebrate life anew, as if they too were a child again.

Perhaps if we axtract ourselves from our "daily habitual routine of life" we will come to see our obligation to live a celebrated life. Instead of being consumed with the everyday mind-numbing happenings of other`s actions, we should become fully aware of our own life, our own actions and thoughts, our own obligation to live a celebrated life by our own account, in other words . . . Live a Life you can greatly admire.

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